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Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) (2024)

Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) (1)
Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) (2)
Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) (3)

Daisy Mae Duke is a fictional character, played by Catherine Bach, from the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard. She was the cousin of Bo and Luke, the main protagonists of the show, who were themselves cousins to each other.

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In the 1997 Reunion movie, Daisy says her mother died when she was born. After her father died in an automobile accident[1] when she was six, she came to live at the farm with Uncle Jesse[2]. Daisy was very intelligent, participating in the All School Spelling Bee, where she was cheated out of first place by Dewey Hogg. Dewey also convinced her once she could fly in a soapbox airplane and tried to push her off a roof in it until Jesse discovered what happened and put a stop to it[3]. Hughie Hogg also cheated her out of first place in a school spelling bee[4]. While in school, Daisy was both a cheerleader[5] and prom queen[6]. As a child Daisy had a few dreams including being a songwriter[7], a singer, a writer, and a model[8].

Daisy would frequently become involved in the Dukes' car chases, using one of her cars, including the 1973 Plymouth Roadrunner or the 1980 Jeep CJ-7 "Golden Eagle" christened "Dixie"

Daisy also worked as a server at the Boar's Nest, the local bar owned by Boss Hogg. The reason Daisy works at the bar, is because around the time Bo was graduating High School and Luke was getting out of the US. Marine corp in 1976 the Dukes needed a loan. Since J.D. was president of the Hazzard County Bank, they went to him for help. He agreed to give them the loan at 30% with the Duke Farm as collateral. As Jesse was trying to negotiate with J.D., Daisy stepped in and asked Boss, since he was after her to work at the Boars Nest, if she agreed to work there, would he consider giving Jesse the loan at 15% instead of 30%. Boss eventually agreed because he said "You may be a Duke, but you sure do have the prettiest legs in all of Georgia".[9]

Daisy never found a long-lasting beau of her own over the course of the series. In the reunion movie, she is said to have left Hazzard to get married, but was subsequently divorced. After her marriage ended, she was pursuing a PhD at Duke University for Ecology, and upon her return to Hazzard agreed to marry Enos Strate, who long had a crush on her, but backed out at the last minute for fear of another debacle like her first marriage. Daisy Duke eventually went to college at Duke and received her Doctorate in Ecology. [10]

Daisy's Character

Despite her appearance as a naïve (and provocatively dressed) Southern belle, Daisy was a very outgoing, polite, and selfless person who could more than hold her own when the chips were down. For instance, during one adventure with a stolen armored personnel carrier, Daisy is able to accurately fire its main gun while the vehicle is in motion with barely any instruction from her veteran cousin and Uncle Jesse cheerfully decorates her as "Sharpshooter of the Week" for the feat[11]. She also displayed horse riding, sharpshooting[12], archery[13], mechanics, brawling, and various other skills. For example in the season four episode "Miss Tri-Counties" she successfully rebuilds a carburetor in 49 seconds mostly in the dark. Like her cousins Daisy is shown to be a very good driver, even getting offered a contract to be a racecar driver[14] and winning at least two NASCAR level races[15][16]. In addition to fending off intoxicated would-be suitors at The Boar's Nest, she frequently found herself caught up in the ongoing war between Boss Hogg and her family, the Duke clan. Her job at Boss's restaurant gave her the opportunity to eavesdrop on crooked private conversations between Boss, Sheriff Rosco and various cohorts, often discovering important information that she could pass on to Uncle Jesse and the Duke boys. Her continued employment at the Boars' Nest in spite of her obvious loyalty to her family was seen on the TV show as both a sign of her status and popularity in Hazzard County, and a corresponding lack of intelligence on Boss Hogg's part.

Daisy's Vehicles

Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) (4)

Daisy’s first car was a yellow 1973 Plymouth Road Runner[17] with a black stripe along the sides and over the roof was used in the first five episodes of Season 1.

For the remaining episodes of the first season and into the second season, a similarly painted 1972 Plymouth Satellite[18] with a matching "Road Runner" stripe was used until Bo and Luke sent it off a cliff in the fourteenth episode of season 2, "The Runaway" after the brakes failed. Note: Due to the episodes being broadcast in a different order from that in which they were filmed, the Plymouth made several returns after it was supposedly destroyed.

At the end of that episode, she received her trademark white 1980 Jeep CJ-7 "Golden Eagle" named Dixie. It had a Golden Eagle emblem on the hood and the name "Dixie" on the hood sides. As with other vehicles in the show, there were different versions of the Jeep shown in various episodes. Sometimes the Jeep would have a different paint scheme with the "Dixie" name on the hood instead of the doors, and it would alternate between automatic and manual transmissions.

After going to college, Daisy picked up riding motorcycles. She uses the motorcycles when she returned to Hazzard for the reunion in 1997 and again in 2000 when they go to Hollywood to raise money for a hospital.

As a Sex Symbol

See also: Daisy Duke Gallery
Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) (5)

Daisy Duke was both the main female protagonist and the sex symbol on Dukes of Hazzard. On two episodes Daisy wore a red bikini to distract Cletus and a truck driver. She appeared numerous times wearing cut off jean shorts, Daisy Dukes, a name that later became accepted vernacular for a type of woman's cut-off shorts.

The network censors believed that Daisy's famous cut-off shorts alone would be too revealing. (The shorts were so short, that the only way the producers could get them on air was for Catherine Bach to wear flesh tone tights with them, to ensure that the shorts didn't reveal more of her than intended). In spite of that, the official Daisy Duke poster reportedly outsold those featuring the era's other sex symbols, Farrah Fawcett and Raquel Welch.


  • The name "Daisy Mae Duke" was likely inspired by the character, Daisy Mae Yokum (nee Scragg) from the comic strip "L'il Abner".
  • The version of Jeep seen at the end of "The Runaway" is different from the regular version, the most noticeable difference being that it has doors, whereas the regular version didn't. This is due to the episodes being broadcast in a different order to that in which they were produced.
  • Catherine Bach made many of Daisy's costumes herself, especially the early ones, including the red bikini in the first episode, seen during the show's opening credits.
  • Daisy Duke was inspired by Jerry Rushing's cousin Delaine. When creating Daisy's character for the series, Gy Waldron said they needed a hard working girl who every guy would want to date, making her one of the hardest characters to cast[19].

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Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) (2024)


Who had a crush on Daisy Duke? ›

Enos has a crush on Daisy Duke that she often uses to the Dukes' advantage in unraveling Hogg and Rosco's schemes.

Did Catherine Bach ever marry? ›

Bach married entertainment lawyer Peter Lopez in August 1990. They had two daughters. On April 30, 2010, 60-year-old Lopez was found shot dead in an apparent suicide. Bach is Catholic.

Who is the original Daisy Duke? ›

Daisy Duke is a fictional character, played by Catherine Bach, from the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard. She is the cousin of Bo and Luke, the main protagonists of the show, and the three live on a farm on the outskirts of Hazzard County with their Uncle Jesse.

What is Daisy Duke's net worth? ›

News: Catherine Bach, a highly acclaimed American actress, has accumulated an impressive net worth of $15 million as of 2023. Best known for her iconic portrayal of Daisy Duke in the widely popular TV series 'The Dukes of Hazzard,' Bach's journey to success was marked by financial challenges in her early years.

Does Daisy Duke marry Enos? ›

Enos and Daisy's Wedding is the sixteenth episode of season seven of The Dukes of Hazzard, and the one hundred forty-sixth overall episode of the series. It first aired 1 February 1985 on CBS.

Who is the chubby guy in Daisy Dukes? ›

Even Coach Any Newman knows the name. If you didn't know, “Big Nasty” is the grown man in daisy dukes with “UTPB” plastered on his back. The man behind the name is a UTPB Football player from Midland High, Jacob Granado.

Why did Bach have two wives? ›

However, opinions of biographers are very controversial. If I would have to decide, I would tend to believe that Bach married a second time, because he fell in love with Anna Magdalena. Bach's wedding with her didn't take place earlier but eighteen months after the death of his first wife.

Is it true that Bach lost 11 children? ›

Eight years after the birth of his twentieth child (seven by Maria Barbara, thirteen by Anna Magdalena), Johann Sebastian Bach died at the age of 65. At the time of his death eleven of those twenty children had predeceased him, one as an adult (Johann Gottfried Bernhard) and ten as infants or toddlers.

How old is Daisy Duke right now? ›

(WKRG/BIKER DAD) — March 1st has a special meaning for fans of the 80s show Dukes of Hazard. It's Catherine Bach's birthday. Bach, whose role as Daisy Duke is still legendary today, turns 67 on March 1, 2021.

Who is Daisy Dukes love interest? ›

Deputy Enos Strate has a long-running crush on her. This crush is largely unrequited, although Daisy is aware of it and often displays genuine care and concern for the likable Enos.

What was Daisy Dukes yellow car? ›

Daisy's yellow 1974 Plymouth Road Runner lasted only the first 26 complete episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard (1979)'s 146 episodes. It was destroyed & replaced in the 27th, The Runaway (1980). The last 119 episodes, Daisy Duke drove the 1980 Jeep CJ7.

Was Daisy Duke Hispanic? ›

Her father had German ancestry and her mother had Mexican ancestry. Cut-off denim shorts are sometimes referred to as "Daisy Dukes" as often worn by her character Daisy Duke on the television series The Dukes of Hazzard (1979). Descended from the Verdugo family, one of California's earliest landed families.

How rich is Catherine Bach? ›

Quick Facts
Wife/SpousePeter Lopez (m. 1990–2010), David Shaw (m. 1976–1981)
ChildrenSophia Isabella Lopez, Laura Esmeralda Lopez
Net Worth$10 million
15 more rows
May 18, 2024

Where does Catherine Bach live now? ›

Which Duke is the richest? ›

Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster, DL (born 29 January 1991), is a British aristocrat and businessman. He inherited his title and control of the Grosvenor Estate, then worth an estimated £9 billion, from his father in 2016. As such, Grosvenor is one of the wealthiest men in Britain.

Who does Daisy Duke end up with? ›

Daisy never found a long-lasting beau of her own over the course of the series. In the reunion movie, she is said to have left Hazzard to get married, but was subsequently divorced.

Why did Boss Hogg hate the Dukes? ›

Boss is forever angry at the Duke family, particularly Bo and Luke, for continually exposing and halting his various crooked schemes.

What gender is Daisy secret crush on you? ›

So Daisy throughout this series uses third gender language. (I've talked about this concept before and how difficult a 3rd gender is to grok for binary cultures.) Technically, Daisy does not identify fully as a her, because Daisy sticks to and uses ha or, very rarely, ja, throughout the series, and almost never kha.

Why did The Dukes of Hazzard get cancelled? ›

In 2015, after Dylann Roof murdered nine Black congregants in a South Carolina church, TV Land, the only network airing the series at the time, took the show off the air. (It hasn't returned to broadcast TV since, but currently streams on Amazon.) The war over the General Lee has even pitted Duke against Duke.

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