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  • The Protection of Pupil Right Amendment (PPRA) affords parents and students who are 18 or emancipated minors (eligible students) certain rights regarding our conduct of survey, collection and use of information for marketing purposes, and certain physical exams.   These include the right to:

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  • Welcome to the Orange County Public Schools parent/guardian website for Skyward - our student information system. This system includes portals for students and parents/guardians - Student Access and Family Access. Important information is included in the Communication section and training materials explaining registration and use of the system are included in the Documentation section.

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  • We are excited to announce a new way to report student absences for our secondary campuses. Parents can now enter absences into Skyward Family Access.

  • We are excited to announce a new way to report student absences for our secondary campuses.  Parents can now enter absences into Skyward Family Access.  This short video will provide you with instructions on how to enter an absence for your child.  Once you log into Skyward Family Access, select the “Attendance” tile to enter an absence. Documentation such as doctors' notes for absences can also be uploaded through Skyward.  To do this, please log into Skyward Family Access and select the tile labeled “Attendance Documents Upload”.  This form will allow you to upload supporting documentation for absences. Any absences or early release requests submitted for the same day will be accepted prior to 2:00 pm through Skyward.  Students will not be released after 3:40 pm until dismissal at 4:10 pm.  All supporting documentation must be received within 3 days after the student returns to School. -- Respectfully, Carmen Cruz | Attendance Clerk

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Lake Butler Skyward (2024)
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