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Pay For Your Education with Link - outward remittances limit & charges for medical treatment and studies abroad from Pakistan

Visit one of our branches and speak with our advisors about how to deal with outward remittances limit charges for medical treatment and studies abroad from Pakistan to becoming a global scholar. Your future awaits and we help you reach it. We make international education more accessible for students worldwide. Pursuing studies abroad is an exciting opportunity that comes with its financial concerns. Our customers can use our specialized outward remittance rate services and tracking to finance students overseas & support their important academic activities. Our customers can send up to USD 70,000(Note this may vary) per calendar year or its equivalent amount in other foreign currencies per student. However, our remittance services ensure that funds directly contribute to a student’s academic growth and well-being and cover various educational outlays.

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Our Remittance Services for Application and Processing Fees - How to transfer money abroad from Pakistan - Crucial in paving the way for a brighter educational prospect!

Worried for how to transfer money abroad from Pakistan? Let Link help you. We are deeply invested in supporting students’ pursuit of international studies. The integral first step in this journey involves applying to accredited and recognized institutions in a foreign country. Link offers specialized remittance services to cover application and processing fees. However, these charges are often the initial financial commitments in securing a place at an overseas university.

Unlimited Global Education Opportunities

We place no limitations on the number of institutions to apply for students who ask can I send money abroad from Pakistan. Our policy ensures that students are free to consider multiple options and enhance their admission chances into a program and institution that meets their academic and career goals.

Guaranteeing Transparency and Compliance

We maintain the highest levels of transparency and compliant standards. The remittances destined for application and processing fees are subject to the provision of documentary proof. Yet, funds are strictly used for their intended determination. So, we safeguard both the financial investment of the senders and the integrity of the educational search.

Allowing Your Educational Objectives

We make your dream of studying abroad a reality by streamlining the application process financial aspect. We design our remittance services for application and processing charges with your aspirations in mind. Get smooth and worry-free transition towards achieving your educational aims.

Outward remittance refers to transferring money from one’s home country to an overseas entity or person. It involves sending money through financial institutions or remittance service providers across international borders. Outward remittance is a crucial financial conduit for Pakistani residents. Especially when it involves educational investment procedures! These transactions fall under educational outward remittances when parents send money abroad for their children’s education or an individual funds their studies in a foreign state.
Please walk to the nearest money transfer branch in your city or click the WhatsApp Button to perform the transaction

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Our Procedure

Releasing Cash Foreign Exchange Procedure

Form T-1 Submission

The student must complete and sign Form T-1 (Appendix V-78) to receive the cash foreign exchange. It is an essential document that captures the student’s details and the intended funds use. Our in time comprehensive support system can set forth students on their international educational journey with the reassurance that their immediate financial requirements have been taken care of professionally and with personalized care

Compliance and Verification

Link International Exchange ensures that the form submission and related processes adhere to regulatory compliance and verification standards to provide a secure and efficient funds distribution. Now, visit a Link International Exchange branch near you today for study remittance assistance. Let our expert team assist you in securing your academic future today!

Necessary Credentials

Approval from the institution detailing the application or processing payment.Invoices or receipts for the payment of feesOffer letters for admission or correspondence indicating the necessity of payment to proceed with the application or enrollment procedure. All these documents for remittance provide a clear and verifiable link between the funds transferred and their application towards the student’s educational development.

Remit Your Educational Funds

Access Global Education with Comprehensive remittance for education abroad - Cover Your Academic Expenses

Can international student send money abroad? Yes, they can! We facilitate educational experience for students pursuing their academic dreams abroad without trouble. However, managing financial aspects is critical to studying overseas such as tuition fees including living expenses. We offer inclusive and streamlined remittance services to address these needs. Let all financial obligations are met with ease and proficiency.

Link has made the process for remittance for education abroad simple for students and their families equally. Beneficiaries must provide comprehensive documentation outlining all academic-related expenses to initiate a transfer. Our remittance services cover the full scope of educational journey from tuition fees to the broader spectrum of school expenses.

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Let Us Connect for More Details About Study Abroad Remittance

Link invite you to visit your nearest branch for personalized assistance and more detailed info. Meet directly with our knowledgeable staff who provides in-depth support and answer your queries. Or, please call us for a quick response or if visiting a branch is troublesome. Link Exchange’s dedicated team offers comprehensive support and provides all the information you need to confidently proceed with your studying abroad financial preparations. Reach out to us today to take the first step towards a smooth and successful international educational procedures. Your future is important and we support you every step of the education.

Documentation Required for Remittance Procedure

Application Form (SBP)

Complete application form in the State Bank of Pakistan’s prescribed format by the student or guardian (parent). This form serves as the foundation for the remittance request and must be filled out in detail to capture the specifics of the financial transfer details.

Identity Proof

Student’s Computerized National Identity Card or Form B copy along with the CNIC of the parent or guardian. Must verify the identities of all parties involved in the remittance process.

Passport of Student

Student’s valid passport copy is essential to authenticate their identity and confirm their status as a student studying in the relevant country.

Admission Letter

Confirm enrollment by official letter of admission from the overseas educational institution. It is must for remittance of processing tuition fee.

Cost Breakdown Details

Cost sheet from the foreign institution providing a comprehensive breakup of expenses ensures clarity. It is critical to guide the disbursem*nt of the remittance to cover specific costs associated with the student’s studies.

We ensure that such remittances adhere to the stipulated purposes to further provide peace of mindful support for our customers and their beneficiaries studying overseas.

  1. Academic and college fees for enrollment and continuation of tuition syllabuses
  2. Accommodation and boarding expenses. For example rent and utility payments
  3. Educational material purchase and resourcing. For example textbooks and online material
  4. Students Regular expenses
  5. Health insurance and medical expenses to secure the student’s access to healthcare department
  6. Educational workshops and seminars payment that contribute to the student’s learning and professional progress

Fulfill educational pursuits with Link International. Contact us today to commence a seamless remittance arrangement that prioritizes your student’s academic progression.

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Update International Education Financial Transfers - Send money outside internationally from Pakistan

Link International facilitate smooth financial transactions essential for pursuing foreign education. We recognized the appropriate involved expenses and offer tailored solutions for remitting funds directly to educational institutions or students. However, our team executes financial operations aligning with the student’s needs and foreign institutions’ necessities. Our direct and secure remittance process to send money outside internationally from Pakistan understand the critical nature of timely and accurate payments for tuition and other dues. However, this process encompasses all mandatory fees that are integral to the student’s educational voyage.

Tuition and Dues Direct Payment to Institutions

Transfer Mode

The tuition fees and other institutional dues are remitted directly to the educational organization. It is executed via:

  • Western Union
  • RIA
  • MoneyGram
  • Intel Express
  • Telegraphic Transfer

All these ensure a reliable and prompt funds transfer


According to our policy, such payments are not released directly to students but are sent straight to the organization. However, this direct line of payment reaffirms the purpose of the remittance and ensures that the funds are appropriated correctly towards the student’s educational compulsions. Wide-open the door to global education today! Studying overseas dream is just a branch visit away from you! So, drop by your local Link International branch to discover complete remittance solutions that will make your educational aspirations a truth.

Living or Miscellaneous Expenses Flexible Arrangements

Payments Oriented to Student

We offer flexibility in remitting funds identifying that living and miscellaneous expenses are a significant aspect of studying abroad. So, students can receive these funds personally for expenses not directly paid to the institution to spend on usual living.

Chosen Transfer Method

Funds can be dispatched to the student via Western Union or any other preferred method. It offers convenience and speed. So, students can access their funds anywhere virtually. Link Exchange provides a comprehensive financial service that supports each student’s academic curve. Now, managing overseas education expenses becomes a worry-free process and allow students to focus fully on their academic and personal growth.

Rely on our expertise for all your financial remittance needs so that your time studying abroad is enriching and free from financial intricacies. Now, contact us to learn what are foreign remittances and how we can facilitate your educational aspirations with our tailored financial transfer services.

Offering Initial Cash Foreign Exchange for Studying Abroad Students

Link International recognizes the importance of students having immediate funds available when embarking on their academic endeavors in a foreign country. We empower students by providing cash foreign exchange to address this need. Privilege of Cash Foreign Exchange for Initial Overheads – How Much Money Can You Send Abroad From Pakistan

Do you need information for how much money can you send abroad from Pakistan? So here is the answer.

  • A student can receive US Dollars 5,000 with Cash Foreign Exchange service.
  • Student can use this sum to cover the student’s initial expenses like boarding or lodging.
  • The designated amount is endorsed on the student’s passport as part of our service. It records the cash foreign exchange provided and is a crucial step in facilitating abroad’s smooth transition.

So, connect with us for the financial support you need to embark on your academic pursuits overseas. Get access to the essential funds required for a promising start in your new educational surroundings. Contact us to facilitate your initial travel expenses through our reliable Cash Foreign Exchange service.

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How can I pay my tuition fees abroad from Pakistan?

To pay your tuition fees from Pakistan to an institution abroad, visit your nearest Link International Exchange branch. We provide a straightforward international remittance service that ensures your tuition payments are processed securely and efficiently. Our team will guide you through every step, ensuring a hassle-free transaction.

How can I pay for a study abroad trip?

With Link International Exchange, financing your study abroad journey is straightforward. Visit any of our branches to explore your options for secure and efficient international transfers to cover tuition, living expenses, and more. Our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring seamless financial preparations.

What are foreign remittances?

Foreign remittances refer to the transfer of money by foreign workers to individuals in their home country. Visit your nearest Link International Exchange branch for more information on how to send or receive a foreign remittance, ensuring your transactions are secure, swift, and compliant with global financial regulations.

What are international remittances?

International remittances involve transferring money across national borders, typically sent by expatriates to family or friends in their home country. At Link International Exchange, we facilitate international remittances with utmost security and efficiency. Drop by any of our branches to learn how to manage cross-border transactions easily.

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Remittance for Study abroad (2024)
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